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Getting the best dishwasher for you is a tough task with many brands and models with their own features available on the market. There are many dishwasher brands from the Bosch dishwasher to LG dishwasher and even Zanussi Dishwasher to just name a few...That’s where our dishwasher ratings will help you decide a little easier on the best dishwasher for you.

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Dishwasher Reviews

22/09/2013 - DSFN1532 Beko Dishwasher

Beko Dishwasher

The DSFN1532 Beko Dishwasher. Affordable dishwasher coming in at an estimated £230. With this model you are getting good features and consumption in relation to its price, of course not as good as some heavier priced dishwashers but the price is quite a bit cheaper! We rate it a excellent 4/5! >>> DSFN1532 Beko Dishwasher

13/07/2013 - SN56M530GB Siemens Dishwasher


Discover the Siemens SN56M530GB dishwasher. A greatly designed modern dishwasher for minimizing both energy and water consumption. This specific dishwasher will use a mere 9.5L of water and is rated at A++ for its energy consumption. Overall we have rated the Siemes SN56M530GB a perfect score of 5/5 >>> SN56M530GB Siemens Dishwasher

23/04/2013 - SMS50T06GB Bosch Dishwasher

SMS50T06GB Bosch Dishwasher

Uncover our latest dishwasher review, the Bosch SMS50T06GB. We give an outstanding dishwasher rating of 5/5! >>> SMS50T06GB Bosch Dishwasher

Dishwasher Articles

14/09/2013 - Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

homemade dishwasher detergent

Find out how to make your own homemade dishwasher detergent to reduce costs and help the environment by decreasing those plastic bottles and harmful packaging >>> Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

14/09/2013 - Choosing The Right Dishwasher

choosing the right dishwasher

Discover our latest article about choosing the right dishwasher for you. You will find out our most recommended factors to look out for when purchasing a dishwasher. A great read and outlook if you are looking to replace or get a new dishwasher. See it here: Choosing the Right Dishwasher for You

11/07/2013 - The Different Dishwasher Types

dishwasher types

We recently posted about dishwasher types to explain a little more about the different types of dishwasher available and how they might suit your better then the next. Check the Article out here: Dishwasher Types

23/04/2013 - Essentials Of Any Dishwasher

dishwasher types

See our new article on dishwasher essentials, a good read for understanding dishwasher salt, dishwasher rinse aid and more. If you are new to owning a dishwasher or thinking of acquiring one make sure you check it out, see it here: The Essentials Of Any Dishwasher

Other Updates

22/04/2013 - Dishwasher Essentials Tab

Dishwasher Tablets

We added some of our recommended dishwasher essentials such as dishwasher salt or dishwasher cleaner. These items should always be used with any dishwasher to get the best results but also to keep your dishwasher smelling and feeling great! Check it out from our menu above.