Dishwasher Types

One aspect to selecting a dishwasher from your home is that of dishwasher types. Today you will find a range of models of dishwashers from large to small, each having their own unique benefits and negatives. Every dishwasher type is there for your convenience to suit your requirements for your home. Within the article below you will find out about a range of dishwasher types:

Portable Dishwasher
Full Size Dishwasher
Drawer Dishwasher
Slimline Dishwasher
Table Top Dishwasher

Easy to Move Dishwashers – Portable Dishwasher

Portable Dishwasher

The use of dishwashers may vary, for instance, there are times that one may be forced to move their dishwasher from one location to another. This necessitates that one should then find a portable dishwasher to provide them with the option of being able to move their dishwasher in any position that they like. Portable dishwashers are made to be compact and are not as heavy to allow users to be able to move their equipment to any location of their choice. At the same time, they are built having standard sizes. This indicates that the amount of space that is used up by such movable dishwashers is minimal. Therefore, anyone who has limited space in their homes may consider the option of a portable dishwasher considering the ease with which they can move the dishwasher.

Some other models of portable dishwashers are made such that, they are to be placed on kitchen counters. This is to facilitate easy usage since it is easy to work from the kitchen counter. In some cases, one may find a portable dishwasher designed in the same way as a microwave to allow the dishwasher to be easily fitted in the kitchen. This is the convenience that one gets to enjoy with portable dishwashers.

Dishwashers for Large Families – Full Size Dishwashers

In the cases where someone has a large family such that they would need a large enough dish washing machine to clean their utensils, the full size dishwasher would be the choice to go for. This is because; the full size dishwasher has the capacity to wash more dishes at a given instance. Therefore, from its use it would be easy for anyone to have their dishes cleaned irrespective of the size of their family. This particular dishwasher machine is made having up to fourteen machine settings.

These are the settings that are used to assist the users to choose the settings that would facilitate the washing of their machines. At the same time, they serve to provide convenience to the users since different users may use different settings for their dishwashing. The full time dishwasher is made having the capacity to wash dishes for up to three meals. This is the kind of help that one would get once they acquire such a dishwasher. And from that, one would see that they would not be troubled by the burden of having to clean their dishes every time that they are done with their meals.

Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers are a more recent design of dishwasher. These dishwasher types currently come in two formats, one drawer or double drawer dishwasher. With the traditional dishwasher you require to drop the load door down and pull out the basket or holders for your dishes and utensils, where with the drawer dishwasher it is designed like the name says like a drawer. You can simply pull the drawer of the dishwasher outwards without having to pull any baskets or holders out. Of course this makes it a little more efficient however with this design you end up with a little less space within the dishwasher, especially for height where larger dishes may be a little more restricted. Manufactures did realize this particular problem and you can get large versions but of course this takes up a little more space than the conventional dishwasher.

With the two drawer dishwasher you can get more efficiency and have the choice to separate loads. So for instance if you started up one load of dishes but missed out dishes or utensils to be cleaned then you can quite simply put them in the second drawer and set it off on a completely separate run with even separate wash cycle. Double drawer dishwashers also give you quite a lot of space for all your dishes and utensils, in fact nearly as much as a full size one.

With drawer dishwashers there are also some factors to point out. There have been some issues with safety as in children where you may think they can simply pull a drawer open while it’s in operation. However there are some drawer lock features which will lock while the dishwasher is in operation which restricts drawers to be opened. It is a good idea to ensure the dishwasher has this feature if it may be an issue for you. Older models of drawer dishwashers where known to be low quality or contain lot of problems mainly being leaking, although this was mainly in the older models where the dishwasher was recently on the market. Of course like everything it takes a little time to iron out all the problems and with the newer models these problems have been looked into and sorted out. The problem is that you may now read some bad reviews on these dishwashers due to that and these great dishwasher types have gotten a little bad reputation. The other bad point was that of not so good customer service but with all the complaints with the older versions you would expect less service available to you all the time.

Slimline Dishwashers

The slimline dishwasher models where created for limited kitchen space. This recommends this specific type of dishwasher for small families or couples who do not regularly require the amount of dishes to be washed that traditional full size dishwashers can wash. Slimline dishwashers are similar in appearance to the traditional dishwasher however they are less in width which gives it the slimline look. These dishwashers can be freestanding or built in.

Table Top Dishwashers

Table Top Dishwasher

Space can be limited at times and with the lack of space the table top dishwasher come into place. Although you have minimal space you may still need an appliance to wash your dishes and that’s where these types of dishwashers come in handy. Compact dishwashers are often known as table top dishwashers as these types can be as little as 50×50 centimetres in size.

Table top dishwashers do come with their negatives, the amounts of dishes you can place in the dishwasher are limited and amount of place settings are minimal. However they are great for limited space areas, caravans and mobile homes and used as portable dishwashers so you can use them where you can set one up.

Setting up a table top dishwasher is relatively easy; all you require is somewhere to drain the water that the dishwasher dispenses such as a sink, a tap or water source that the adapter can fit and an electrical source. When buying the dishwasher ensure it comes with the adapter and hose to allow you to connect it up.

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